An Innovative Toolbox for Community Transformation

Our Latest Work —

Our efforts, quantified.

Michigan State University Land Policy Institute’s Land Bank Community Impact Assessment is now available. This extensive report has quantified job creation resulting from Land Bank activity, provided insight into the community perception of land banks, and captured the big picture economic impact of what we do in Kent County.

An Innovative Toolbox for Community Transformation​

How We’re Getting There —

InnovaLaB partners with local government, community groups, and private sector redevelopers by offering the unique tools available to land banks to achieve the optimal outcome in the real estate and economic development process.

For our core values, InnovaLaB shares with its partners the long term goals of eliminating blight, increasing property values, preserving neighborhood character and promoting economic development.

Check out these videos, “An Introduction to InnovaLaB” to see our Mission, Vision, and Core Values in action…