MIBiz – Kent County Land Bank pivots to meet growing demand for modular housing

By Nick Manes

GRAND RAPIDS — Advocates looking to alleviate the city’s affordable housing issues increasingly are turning to modular, pre-manufactured housing as one option.

To that end, the Kent County Land Bank Authority last month announced its plan to rebrand as Innova-Lab and use its broad set of tools and powers to begin developing modular homes on more than 100 vacant sites it owns around Grand Rapids. For the development of the homes, Innova-Lab has partnered with Champion Homes Inc., a Troy-based modular home manufacturer.

“One of the key parts of our strategic plan is what kind of strategic partnerships can we forge where our tools can be used to bring more affordable housing and housing in general to the market,” said Executive Director David Allen. “The housing shortage is of historic proportions.”

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